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  • The mighty power of love

    One of the cards I treasure and carry around with me most of the time is this special one from Donte Jackson. Very proud of you...

  • Chicago See you soon

    Looking forward to a great event in Chicago at my good friend Odie & Sharon Anderson’s house

  • Birthday Bash

    Excited for my upcoming Birthday bash in Chicago. It is special to me because I turned 89 a month ago, and I am a month...

  • To the Fans

    Going through photos today, I discovered this picture of a touching present showing the wonderful outpouring messages of love the fans sent to console me...

  • Back home safe

    Happy to report I am back home and my friend Charles Coupet is doing fine too !

  • Car accident , I am fine

    Earlier today while in the Car with my assistant we got involved in an accident as they drove in front of us.  I got out...

  • Miss you

    I was told as time goes by, the pain reduces, but it is not true. The pain increases but somehow I am learning to live...

  • Relaxing with Michael’s Music

    Relaxing with my son, Michael’s music over the weekend. It brings back memories like yesteryear. Thanks to Google Home, all I have to say is...

  • Days at Sea

    Sailing the Seas. Nothing gives you more energy than the nice sound water and beautiful view of water.

  • On board Norwegian breakaway

    On board the Norwegian breakaway with Captain Mikael Hilden and Staff Captain Dan Svensson.  Having a blast.