A Thank you and farewell from Management

Our final post from the management of the late Joseph Jackson. A kinder, gentler and truthful friend in his later years, you could not ask for. With his quick smile and contagious laughter, he spent the last years of his life, living as he wanted, a free spirit, a leo in the wild. A special thanks to some of the many people who were instrumental in his later life:

Charles Gael Coupet, who treated him as the father he never had. In later years goals are not meant to be reached but serve simply as something to aim at. He created a plethora of them to keep him active: Going to the Vegas swap meet, traveling on cruises, eating endless lunches, getting lost intentionally with wrong directions to create an adventure out of a car trip, attending red carpets, award ceremonies, cinemas, and countless trips to home depot for house improvement pet projects. He did this almost every single day for three years in an effort to prevent him from wasting away in front of a TV screen.

Jasmin Jones, his wonderful assistant, who met him during a random Las Vegas accident. And unbeknownst to her, helped this old gentleman unconditionally, staying by his side until the ambulance arrived. She proceeded to work for him, dedicating the last two years by his side, sacrificing thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter holidays to make sure Mr. Jackson never spent them alone. We thank your family for their understanding.

To the Estate of Michael Jackson, Howard Weitzman, John Branca and John McClain, who had the fortitude to see past Mr. Jackson’s earlier statements, and without question, came to his rescue. They covered all his health costs, flying him back to the US from Brazil and continued to provide the best care for him possible, without which he would have long since departed from us.

To his Medical staff:  Dr. Wafaa Alrashid, Dr. Tammara Beeghly, Dr. Darville Knowles and Dentist Dr. Jennifer Cha, Thank you ! Shannon Jones, RN (Registered Nurse), for going beyond the call of duty, nursing Mr. Jackson back to health after his stroke in Brazil and continuing her proactive service over the years by making multiple trips from Los Angeles to Las Vegas just to check on him.

Friends: Juliana and her husband Brian Rast of Las Vegas, for not only organizing his 87th birthday celebration at their private residence, allowing all invited guests to come, eat, drink and enjoy everything for free but also covering all expenses unconditionally. Odie and Sharron Anderson of Chicago, for hosting his 89th birthday party in a like fashion at their private residence.  Richard Nilsson (who stood by his side during his Brazil health scare, sleeping on the floor of the hospital throughout the whole ordeal), Madame Thao, Dieter Wiesner, Fabian Vincent, Paul Padda, Ralf Sesselberg, Solange Ghonda , Simon Sahouri , John Taylor.

To the Premsrirut family, Joe’s extended family in Las Vegas! Thank you for opening up your lives and home to him. It meant a lot to him to count you all as family. Janet Smith, for, always providing a liaison to his family, going out of her way to make certain he was able to reconnect with his brother Lawrence, weeks before he passed.

Patricia Diaz (caregiver) 

Patricia Diaz (caregiver), who provided caring services for Mr. Jackson up until the last week when he was taken to the hospital. Your dedication to this man, whom you treated as if he was your father, was unparalleled. He confided in you stuff he would not even tell the medics, because of the incredible bound you built. We will forever be thankful for your services.

General Staff: Geneva Santiago (Masseur), Mayberry Maids (cleaners) , Lerisa Smith (cook), At your service home care, Thank you

Last and most important of all, to his wife Katherine Jackson, who stood steadfast by his side, wanting only what was best for her husband, providing for him indirectly during many lean years without his knowledge. In all things of life, words run miles but actions run marathons. Hers produced interludes in a melody so vast and eternal that human ears could never appreciate the tonal range of the symphony.

“It is what it is; it ain’t what it ain’t and it ain’t what it could be.” … Joseph Jackson

To our dear friend, rest in peace, you will be missed.

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