A token of appreciation

Today I made my hand print for my friend Richard Nilsson, who’s foundation is promoting peace around the world.  During the production, I kept thinking about the countless fans I have met all over the world in person and on social media. They keep sending requests for a signed autograph. You are the ones who made my family what it is today. I want to do something a little special this Christmas season. I want to give you something more than a simple signed piece of paper.  I can’t do it for every single fan out there, I am 90 years old 🙂 So I asked for five further original hand prints of mine to be done. The number 5 has a certain magic to it, fans know. These were each signed by me during production, etched in the concrete. I will have them given away to five fan clubs as a token of my appreciation to you. Thank you all.



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