Joe Jackson attends ADAC Event in Hanover, Germany

Joseph Jackson attends the ADAC event in Hanover

Joseph Jackson attends the ADAC event in Hanover Germany


In front of a guest audience of about 170 people in Hanover Germany, Mr. Joseph Jackson held court on a number of topics that excited the crowd. The ADAC in Germany is the equivalent of Tripe A (AAA) in the USA. Offering services to car owners. With over 18 Million members. Other V.I.P invited guests was the group member of the Scorpions.

Mr. Jackson thanked Niedersachsens ADAC-Chef Dr. Hans-Henry Wieczorek for having extended this special invitation to him. He expressed his love for the region of Niedersachen and promised to return more often in the future.

Joseph Jackson and Niedersachsens ADAC-Chief Dr. Hans-Henry Wieczorek


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