JRP Jackson Perfume Spreads to Asia and Europe

Father Joseph Jackson and Latoya

Father Joseph Jackson and Latoya

Joseph Jackson was joined by his daughter Latoya Jackson for the launch of his JRP Jackson Perfume at the luxury Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas.  The Event has been a success with partnerships emerging to distribute the product in Europe and Asia. See Video highlights of launch below.

JRP-Jackson’s “Legend”: A floral harmony of California lilac, jasmine and rose of Grasse, with a hint of mandarin and bergamot essential oils from Italy. The fruity note stems from raspberry and is supported with a musky base note, slightly vanilla yet heavily wooded with tonka bean and sandalwood.

JRP-Jackson’s “Legacy”: A sparkling blend of mandarin, lemon and bergamot essential oils from Italy with a few drops of baiser rose wrapped in a woody heart of Canadian pine, supported with rose and jasmine of Grasse and strengthened with French lavender and American cedar. The base note is heavily musky, vanilla and woody with patchouli essential oils and labdanum absolute.


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