Throwback in Pictures, 60 years in Show business

#TBT Before you judge, know my story. Raised by a strict father, had a very lonely childhood with little or no friends. My Parents divorced at 12. Tough love of Oakland, California and East Chicago put that spine in my back.

Chased my dreams as a boxer, almost went Professional but gave it up when kids came as, I had to put food on the table. Worked three jobs to make ends meet.

But when dreams came again to my heart I chased them. Tried again, chasing another by forming a blues band (the falcons), failed again.

Saw another dream in my children, I didn’t hesitate, chased it, giving it my all with my boys and we finally made it together.

Chased another betting it all again on my daughter Janet and she made it.

It is what it is, it ain’t what it ain’t , and it ain’t what it could be. They called me crazy Joe, I call myself “Lucky Joe Jackson”. Hard work yes, but luck smiled at me too !

Here’s to the crazy ones out there who will keep chasing their dreams against all odds. You know who you are !

#Precious Moments, Flashing back in Pictures through 60 Years in Show Business. 

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