Without adventure, life loses meaning


On my 70’s birthday, after celebrating it on the Neverland Valley Ranch, Michael asked me to come and live there full time. He expressed to me, “stop trying to do business deals and just come live  in peace and quiet on the Ranch”. I told him “Absolutely not !, If I did that, spending all my time just looking at the swans in the water, I would get old very quickly and be dead within a year, because I would stop being active, with no goals to look forward to!”

After the severe stroke I suffered in Brazil, the Doctors and my family  told me I would never travel again, forever confined to few short outings in the city from the four walls of my house.

I would not accept it and I am happy to prove them wrong. I am traveling on the Oasis of the Seas. The World’s largest cruise ship and sailing internationally.


I look out on the balcony of this giant ship and see endless waters, as far as my eyes can see. A  feeling of freedom, no location on land can provide. I reflect on loved ones lost, the journey so far, and the sunsets I have left to see. I’ve come a long way. Without adventure, like a caged lion, life loses its meaning. Never let any one ever dictate what you can or can’t do.


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